It’s been a while since my last update, but I wanted to share some new work with you as I sit here before the mountains of Virginia on Father’s Day.

This song “Untethered”, was written at the cabin in May as a part of the upcoming First Take guitar album, Unraveled Distance.  It’s a mix of new guitar and synth sounds, combined with light orchestra.

As I wrote this song, I could feel the water from the lake just outside the cabin walls as it slowly caressed the shore while the seagulls roamed overhead dancing from one breeze to the next.

What I found most embracing was a sense of complete, etheric, connection.  You’ll hear this throughout the song via times where I bring in female chorus and other vocals, violins, and accompanied strings.

Without a doubt, there is a message within this song for you as well.

As always, I feel deep gratitude for sharing this journey with you.


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