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Music Song Saturdays

What We Leave Behind


This is a short version of the song What we leave behind. It’s meant to be upbeat, hopeful, and meaningful. The full version will also be on the upcoming album SKY.


  1. cathy copeland

    Adam, I’m not a great commentator, but know that I value your work. Wow, has it been 9 years? Yes, I’ve been out here from the first offerings. Before my annual trek to BurningMan (That thing in the desert), I unsubscribe to most of the newsletters (It is a month-long electronic holiday for me), Yours I keep. Much Love and Respect for all you do.

    • Adam King

      Thank you, and had to laugh. I know what burning man is. LOL And yes, I know you, will always recognize your name as one of the ones from the beginning.
      Just wow, and thank you.

  2. Joy Truscott

    Dear Adam. Your work is a note to the Soul
    I cannot thank you enough for the way your music has touched my Heart & Soul and the lives of my clients. Quite a few years ago I asked you if it would be okay to have your music play in the background of my sessions while doing Guided Meditatiins with clients I dearly appreciate your kindness and willingness for this to be the sound of magnificence in the background. I have so very many people listening to the meditations and I know that your music is a huge therapeutic blessing in their wellness and recovery. I am forever grateful to you and your music -( that is part of my everyday work) – and your gift for Being.

    • Adam King

      As you know, I follow you on Instagram and Facebook. I appreciate you, and am honored that the music helps your clients. I love watching you work. As I wrote in my email, we’re not alone. Change comes when something moves. Even when we’re the ones moving it, and it feels as though no one sees it moving, it still moves. This is my definition of the Etheric Footprint. I do my best to “like” whenever I can. To me it’s reciprocation, or a thank you for being in my life. Yes, I’ll step that up in the future. 😉 Thanks for all you do, and please, keep doing it!

  3. Deborah

    Lovely song! With all the crazy going on …something uplifting and beautiful to start the day!

    • Adam King

      Thank you DJ!

  4. Cara

    Adam, Thank you for this gift of hearing your music.  This was just as you described.  Uplifting and Hopeful.  Like the Sun was rising to flowers blooming, blanketing with sunlight what has been seemingly endless darkness of despair.  When I first read the song name, I felt fear it would send me to that place where loss and unwanted change still lives within.  Your note about the song encouraged me to listen. Indeed it did put a slight smile on my face and a spark of hope in my heart, even if for a few moments of welcome respite.  I saw and felt my beloved furbabies, circumstances, friends, family – which have left the earth or moved on in new directions or places.  This time though, as they glided and swept across my heart’s memory, I could feel the love and blessing that they were here in my life.  In a moment I could start to see the possibilities of what is awaiting to blossom into my life – yet unseen and unknown. There is hope and maybe a little magic in that feeling and sense of wonder………What beautiful experience is just around the corner as I let what was once here wisp away with the gentle wind & deep gratitude we shared in life for a time – knowing the feeling of the love shared is unending.   This feeling of curious wonder, and the magic of hope sparking life into a healing heart, is something I’ll carry through my day.  I’ll hold it gently with a sacred appreciation for the newness of what Love is creating in the ether, and will bring……To live with the knowing that something beautiful and new is about to happen for me to experience and share.  
    Bless you and your gift of music, heart, and soul which you so generously share with us Adam.  So much appreciation for this and for you.  Cara

    • Adam King

      Your words brought me to tears. Thank you. Thank you for that, sincerely. I often think of my “furbabies” as I seem to keep seeing them in my dreams. Not dreams as in “passing experiences”, but dreams in which I become fully away, truly present. I programmed this with my cat Abby. I spent one moment holding her, making sure I’d never forget that moment. Because of that I continue to “wake up” in dreams holding her. People are different, as they come with some skepticism, but I do meet up with them from time to time too.
      Such an amazing life we have. Still reveling in your words. Wow…

  5. Terri


    Only in humanness can we experience a ‘behind ‘ to leave

    We become attached to ‘whatever’ by our fear, anger, sadness revenge, love, joy or ???

    This track nurtures the heart chakra

    Thanks, Adam

    • Adam King

      You are such an inspiration. Don’t need to say anything else. 🙂
      Thanks Doc.

  6. Anita Narayan

    Hi Adam

    Thank you so much for the love and care you put into these compositions in order to elevate and uplift humanity. There will always be naysayers…for me I truly appreciate the musical gifts you impart. Thank you so much and keep being and doing what you do Many blessings Anita

    • Adam King

      Thank you so much Anita. Just heartwarming knowing it has its place.
      Thank you for that. And yes, I will continue the music. That is for sure!

  7. Herb Ernst

    Hi Adam,
    I very much like your “What We Leave Behind” neoclassical orchestral song and look forward to more. However, in your description, I think you have a typo; I think you need to change “mean” to “meant”!

    • Adam King

      Thank you so much Herb. I so greatly appreciate your support. And yes, you’re correct. I made the correction in the text. 🙂

  8. Jan

    …. yes totally – what they all said above!! Reading what’s been already offered felt as if each of them knew exactly what was in my heart too, while experiencing this gorgeous piece….. can’t hardly wait for album release time! Thank you, Adam — no question about it, you’re amazing and we’re so lucky to have you here!

    • Adam King

      Thank you Jan. I can’t wait to share the rest of album!

  9. Linda

    Adam, thank you for another lovely song…yes, it is uplifting and makes you feel that you just want to keep going on with life..despite everything…

    • Adam King

      Thank you Linda. The final version should be fulfilling on that front. And yes, I agree… 🙂

  10. Angela

    Oh, SO lovely! For an instant I was transported back to your song “Handprints” that I love so dearly and always brings tears of pure joy. Peacefulness came and gentleness. That breeze in the picture must be nice and warm 🙂

    I’ve recently discovered seeing color when my eyes are closed. Fascinating to discover and experience this new thing. Your song floods my hidden vision with a soft white. I get that same effect when I visit my doctor who does energy healing. There is always warmth, peacefulness, and a soft joy and it fills me to flowing in this short little bit of such a beautiful song. Can’t wait to enjoy the full song and all that will be in the album. Heavenly! Thank you so much Adam!

    • Adam King

      My dear Angela. I feel the same way every time I see your name in a comment. A feeling of warmth should always be embraced to those we care about.
      Good stuff.

  11. Kathrin Campbell

    This was just beautiful. Loved it. Thank you

    • Adam King

      You’re very welcome Kathrin. Thanks for the comment.

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