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With you I am everything.


It’s not that I haven’t tried, I have.

It’s not that I wasn’t successful, I was.

It’s just that when you push someone as hard as I’ve been pushed, they tend to look behind them more often.

This is the case of mistakes made.

We’ve all been there.

We tend to live in a world of cause and effect.

This, is without a doubt, the way things work today.

But when you disregard the way you treat people, you better be damn sure when you meet up with them again, they’ll be different.

Hope, they have forgiven you.

Hope even more, that they have forgiven themselves.

Yes, I’ve made mistakes.

Morally I am at fault for the mistakes within my life.

Some, much greater than others.

But knee jerk reactions of guilt and shame don’t change the fact that I’m human too.

For this, I have learned to forgive the pressure and false judgement of blame.

The key, is to move past your failures and faults so that you can be of service once again.

This is what gives us value.  

Our resourcefulness, our self reliance, the offering of our talents and unique gifts, through the irrefutable belief that we have value .

So yes, blame away, judge me, but you’re needed.

You’re needed in such a way I get to measure my worth, my value, through the interactions.

For without you, I am nothing.

But with you, I am everything.

Image by Pierre

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