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You’ve Gone Home by Will Hamilton


A beautiful poem from our friend Will.  He continues to light our way and I am honored to have him.

Here’s email to me in regards to this powerful poem.


I thought you’d stay

I thought I’d be taking care of you for quite a while

But you decided to leave your body and return

To the eternal love of which you are and

have always been a part…


I think back to our first meeting

It seems so long ago, but in reality it’s just a blink of an eye…

I remember the good times

I remember the laughter

Even when it was at my expense…


I really loved you babe…

And I’m so blessed you loved me too

Heck, we had differences, as any two people would

But I loved you babe…

You were always here

You were always my rock

You made life easy for me


I’ve been the one who was strong

Through the service

Through meeting people

Helping them understand that you knew

You are a soul with a body and now

The body is gone and you, the soul

Fly into heavens great embrace….


The team of angels you brought with you

Help you relax and get organized in this place we call

The other side…


You know it’s funny,

But I found out more about love taking care of you

These past few years than all the fun times we had


Love isn’t always laughter and dancing…

Sometimes it’s just a sincere genuine concern

That asks, “How can I make your day a little better?”

Cause I love you babe
I promise I’ll remember the good times

I’ll remember the laughter,

I’ll remember the hugs

I’ll remember the warmth of your tender embrace.


I’ll remember how you believed in me

And I’ll remember the times I believed in you

The times we worked together

To build a wall

To build a pond

To build a life together…


I really don’t know what my future brings

Right now I’m not sure I care

All I know is I miss you babe

I’m so glad you let me share my time with you

I’m so glad you are finally free


Run with your angels

Fly with the clouds

Regroup all you did to help others,

Remember your kindness and consideration

Remember how giving and loving you are

Remember how much you were loved my friend

And please remember, I love you babe!


Copyright 2016 William Hamilton


Image by Adam

  1. Thea Khama

    Thank you Will.
    Thank you for sharing the love and the yearning of your heart.
    The picture is real and soul-felt and beautiful.
    The words fill the aching stillness of the void and bring darkness to light.
    Thank you Adam for sharing Will’s poetry.
    With love and appreciation

    • Will

      Thank you Thea. I appreciate your comments and concern! Time is the magnificent healer and I’m doing better now!

      • vareti

        Blessings to all . Thank you so much Adam for forwarding on the link to Will’s new poem . Much Grratful .

        Will , your poem I will not lie had me in tears . A true blessing . It’s so true the love you speak of your loved one and you . Love like that lives on ❤️?

        Love and light thank you for sharing

  2. Angela

    Isn’t it beautiful how the bonds of love come out of the shared experiences where we work together or serve each other, even in the little daily things? As a wonderful reward that relationship is adorned with the blessings of joy and laughter. Those bonds are unbreakable in a way that only love can create them. So much sweeter to know that they will remain tied through time, and space, the physical and the beyond. Still, there is the time and the space that divide, but yet for only a short time. It is a beautiful thing to remember and find joy in the happiness of someone you love. A beautiful poem from a tender heart. May it be a blessing to you many fold.

    • Will

      I appreciate your comments so much. Thank you for your descriptive reflection.
      It was kind of you!!

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