Fully Orchestrated Story by Adam King
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About Threads of Tessera


Threads of Tessera is a fully orchestrated auditory (Verbal and musical) story, narrated and scored by Adam King, the creator of the Tessera Method.

A young boy is orphaned, cold, and alone. His suffering leads him to steal a mysterious blanket which, shows him a hidden world (Tessera) above, and beneath, his physical world. The true power of the story, is how the characters interact with Tessera itself. From the old woman whom is given the threads in which to weave the magical blanket, to the boy, now a man, whose messages of life, are so carefully woven upon it. Combined with the profound teachings of Tessera, plus an incredibly lush orchestral experience behind Adam's voice, Threads of Tessera is nothing short of a magnificent journey into the depths of the soul.

The story itself is free to download and will be available on March 16th, 2016. Please sign up to get notified.

Threads of Tessera

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