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The Ravine Part Five

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Please read The Ravine parts 1-4 before continuing.

Under the Bus

“That’s what I’m trying to tell ya, he just took the thing.” Tony said, covering his tracks.

“Thank you Tony, I…

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The Ravine: Part Four

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Before reading the Ravine part four, please read parts 1-3

The Promise

Before getting into the car, Hunter asked his wife to take a picture of the painting with her phone….

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The Ravine: Part Three

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Note: Before reading The Ravine Part Three, please read part two HERE first.

Mother’s Hand
As he stopped to catch his breath, a single memory flashed across his mind.

It was a…

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The Ravine: Part Two

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Note: Before reading The Ravine Part Two, please read Part One HERE first.

The two stocky movers stood staring at the painting arguing their personal perspectives.

“It’s dark I’m telling you.”…

Chronicles Perspective Stories

The Ravine: Part One

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She looked over the waters below as they slowly carved their shape upon rocks around them.

The sound, of course, was inviting as it blocked out the voices within her…