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3 Weeks of Experimental


UPDATE May 2020: We spent a wonderful first week with the HUMAN project, which is now getting the final touches based on our interactions. It will be completed…

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Moments from Now


I wanted to wait on this one because it’s so powerful, and the intention was to do a video. Still may, not sure yet. Regardless of my…

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Simugenics Concept Art


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Since most of us are sitting here beside ourselves wondering what’s coming next, I thought I’d do something a bit different for you today.

Here are a few…

Music Song Saturdays

Truth Serum


Today I’d like to share one of the most popular bonuses to the Unraveled Distance First Take Guitar album from 2018, Truth Serum (Ocean Version).

I uploaded this video last…

1 Minute Stories Stories

November Storm


A new story from the Tesserean Series. This one was written about two years ago. However, I’m sure that as you go through it you’ll find it…