Adam King


Oculus Score


The following is the original Oculus Score (no voice) from the original MAS experience created during the private Oculus beta.

I’m sharing this for two reasons.

I wanted to give everyone…

Perspective Stories

The 8th Verdict


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Here is the next installment of the Tesserean stories; The 8th Verdict.

The story is about a man who is sent…


Ups, Downs and Progress


It’s been a while since I’ve let you all know what I’m up to, but it’s almost spring and there’s a lot to share.

For one, I’ll be releasing Oculus…

Tesserean Oracle

The Hoax


The Hoax
Where would you be in your life story if you found out what was stopping you, had never really happened?
How concrete is the truth behind your confinements and…

1 Minute Stories Music

Something Beautiful


There’s a definitive scope of overwhelm when trying to creating something unique, special, or new.  

It was mid-November and I decided to do something special for the holidays.  I…