Permission to Listen


What’s in it for me?

Over the past few weeks I keep asking this question.  Not because I’m asking for me, but because I’m asking for you.

The elephant is always peering over my shoulder, watching, wondering why I’m not filled with the courage to ask the tough questions out loud.

Well, I’m asking.

Why bother?  Why show up?  Why take anything seriously anymore in this world of take and take.

I guess I don’t have your answer. I’m not in your head, but hopefully I’m in your heart.

For starters, the “me first” movement is over.  It’s time for change, and change doesn’t happen in the familiar.

Because of this truth, I’ve been working hard to fulfill unfinished business, and all current business, in a new way.

This is why I want you with me tomorrow, regardless of your position of interest.

The call will begin with Daniel discussing how I contacted him out of the blue in January with an idea.  He’ll then share his trip to the Amazon jungle, the adventure we’ve been on for the past few months, and I’m certain, many personal things about his life which, will benefit you. (his books are pretty good too, FYI).

When he’s done, you’ll hear how Jen and I came together with Daniel, to produce everything you’re about to see.  You’ll witness the backbone of the opportunities we’ve harnessed, and, of course, how we gained the vision and courage to act upon them.

This is what the elephant has called me out to do.  To share a story that will improve the way the world sees itself and cooperates with those willing to embrace that same vision.

Please join us tomorrow (Saturday) at 1PM EDT.


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  1. Angela

    The presentation on this call touched me in beautiful and deep ways. The possibilities that have unfolded in the past few months in your lives expanded my own vision for experiences I see in my own future. What an incredible experience you are sharing! The Bible says that we can make a choice to accomplish something but the steps in so doing it are ordered by God. Such a remarkable path you are set upon! The steps described in the call today are beautiful, enriching to the lives it has already touched and leading to incredible things in the future for so many people! Just hearing the topics that will be taught in the foreground to music such as this gorgeous jungle evening song will be blessed. So many people are seeking to hear these things. Your creative work together is such an inviting and full backdrop to the learning experience. Most certainly, the emotion and beauty of the music, the purity of nature, the blessed cooperative creating, the full-hearted and sincere intention of the work being done during the recording all lend to the power that comes through in this song.

    You are changing the world! Bless you for being the wonderful unique special people that you are! Thank you!!!

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