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The Vision Forest Technique


Many of you have expressed the desire to learn more about conscious dreaming, how to expand the mind, and techniques that produce alternative states of awareness.

Here’s one for you.

During my work with anxiety, I’ve witnessed one technique that also works to enhance conscious dreaming, parallel awareness and even O.B.E.’s.

The technique is very simple too.

Basically it’s about seeing 3D within your mind.

If you notice, most of the time when we visualize something, it’s flat.  Try it now.  Close your eyes and think of a paper bag resting upon your kitchen table.  What you’ll notice first, is the mind will “flatten” everything within the vision.  Kind of like looking at a painting.  In fact, this is the technique itself.

Look at the two images below.

The first image is of a forest picture upon a wall.  The image is completely flat, there’s no depth outside of the false sense of the environment itself being 3D.

Now, look at the image for a moment, then close your eyes and picture it in your mind.  Simply hold that image in your mind for a few moments as if you’re still looking at it on the screen.

Next, look at the second photo.  The first thing you should see is that the image has been altered.  The trees have been layered and shadow has been applied.

If you are to imagine this image in your mind, you’ll see the same flatness, but something else will begin to happen.

What the mind does, is it will begin to turn the experience 3D.  This changes the experiment from a vision to an EXPERIENCE.

Try this.

Look at the second image for about 20-30 seconds, then close your eyes and imagine it in your mind like you did the first one.

As you imagine it, pay close attention to the fact that it’s now layered.  As you stare at the image (in your mind), move your body (non-physical body) from left to right, back and forth, kind of like if you were trying to look around a tree to see what’s behind it.

What this will do is shift your mind into a kind of euphoric displacement, i.e., the feeling as if you’re actually there within the picture.

Lastly.  If you were to apply this technique during the second sleep (As discussed with Sleep Cell which, most of you already own.) you would quickly realize how fast the mind and body can separate which, can allow you to witness an almost instant higher state of awareness.

But keep in mind, you DO NOT need to experience the second sleep techinque to have this one produce instant results.

Go ahead, give it a shot.

Happy Exploring!
PS Please feel free to share your experiences below.  This technique doesn’t require more than a few minutes of application to see interesting results.


IMAGE ONE: Click to enlarge

IMAGE TWO: Click to enlarge

IMAGE TWO: Click to enlarge

  1. Vass

    Adam !!thank y so much for sharing this technique😉👼! I followed it and i felt my second self ! Energy body👼 being there !! How cool is that !! How divine is that ! Whaooo ty ty ty

    Much love and Gratitute

    • Adam King

      That’s awesome Vass! Thanks for sharing.
      I’m really beginning to think these types of simple lessons need to keep coming.
      Thanks for sharing!!

      • Anonymous

        I like your idea Adam. Simple, short, and sweet can be very powerful. If one little exercise doesn’t work well, the next may have tremendous impact. I think a string of these could lead a student to broadened awareness and skills very quickly. It seems each exercise you have done like this focuses on a different skill or application. I think its a great plan!

        • Adam King

          Thank you so much. Obviously this is getting interest, so I’ll keep them coming. I’ve already received several emails as well. So, I’ll be honored to create more and more for you! 😉

  2. Maria

    Hi Adam, thanks for posting this.
    I only see Image One. I do not see Image Two.

    • Adam King

      Take a closer look Maria, they’re both the same image, but with the painting in 3D in the lower one.
      If you’re using a phone/tablet, just scroll slowly.

  3. Angela

    That is just Wild, Adam! What an amazing and interesting exercise!

    I just woke from a nap a bit ago and wasn’t too surprised that I couldn’t manage to imagine the grocery bag on the table. But, it was disappointing when I first looked at the two pictures and nothing much formed in my mind at all. I sat back and took a little break. I know I see things play out in my mind’s eye all the time. Maybe the pressure was just too much or I needed to wake up a little more. I woke up out of a great dream so maybe my imagination was just throwing a bit of a tantrum.

    Upon a second go at it, the first picture of the forest was a big white patch when I first close my eyes. I had to build the image from memory to bring it back into my mind’s eye but I managed to get it there. As soon as I closed my eyes from looking at the second picture, I saw a person walking into the image on the path and leaning out around the branches of the fluffy tree that is pictured in the center. It felt as if I was following behind that person. I was just a little bit startled to have such a clear image of the forest that was so animated and in motion that I popped right out of my mind’s eye!! Don’t know who that person was …. now that I think of it. I hope they are enjoying that walk in those wonderfully colorful woods. It is a beautiful place. 🙂

    Our minds are amazing things. In some ways they are so limited and outright completely undependable and misleading. In other ways they seem to be limitless. This exercise certainly demonstrates how fine the line is between the two. Thank you! Now, what can I play with to do that again…… 🙂

    • Anonymous

      PS… looking back at the two images I realize, my forest changed colors, too! I was following that person around a fluffy red tree instead of green. 🙂 Apparently, my imagination can also run wild! Wow… an interesting experience to say the least! Thank you so much!

      • Adam King

        It’s very interesting that you mention the colors. When I saw a psychiatrist back when I was 26, we discussed conscious dreaming. (I was there to deal with anxiety and ADHD which, I solved on my own with meditation and exercise. Before the application of Tessera, of course.)

        As I was with him on my last (and only second) visit, I told him I was able to conscious dream. He told me that the mind cannot read or see in color during dreams. I told him he was wrong, then explained my experiences and how I was able to induce them almost at will.

        He smiled, stood up and shook my hand, then said I had an amazing mind (which all of us do), and told me I never really needed him. (There’s a lot more to this story that leads to my work here.)

        It was a cool experience and, even cooler hearing how that same work is now being reflected within your very own experiences.

        See how we are all our own teachers? Boy, what an awesome thing to realize…

    • Adam King

      Cool stuff Angela. I used to try to make everything real easy for people as something as profound as conscious dreaming is NOT easy to obtain instantly. It takes effort and, most of that is simply letting go.

      The other thing that is incredibly powerful, is the actual work of Tessera. This is all “association by dislocation” so to speak. It’s tapping into what’s inside, all around, and etherically all at once.

      So yeah, you’ll hear voices, see people you don’t know, become aware of being in places you’ve never been, but they seem familiar.

      The list goes on and on and on. However, just know that I’m in the process of putting something together that will dramatically help these kinds of states.

      Do you remember the “Diamond room” in Another World Awaits? Remember the tiles on the wall with the three images?

      This is what I’m working on and it should be pretty interesting when we get to explore them.


  4. Kathy

    It was easier for me to go into the 3D mode with the first picture. Thank you for the technique, will try it.

    • Adam King

      You’re very welcome Kathy, me too. What I didn’t say in the email or above, is that this technique is brand new. It was only a few nights (mornings actually) ago that I created this. I was having a hard time sleeping because my mind was racing. This caused some anxiety which, has a tendency to make my heart rate accelerate and my breathing become labored.

      As I laid in bed, the image of the forest painting (within a similar living room) popped into my mind. It obviously wasn’t this exact same image, but very close.

      So yes, it was the first image that did the trick for me as well. Once there, that’s when the painting (and room) became 3D. I could actually begin to hear the sounds from outside of the house (wherever it was), and my body begin to “lose its grip” physically, then fall into the dream fully conscious. Eventually I just fell asleep and woke up with a very clear mind and memory of the experience.

      Wow, so glad you made your comment. Thank you!

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