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Within My Arms


It’s been almost two months to the day that I’ve reached out to you. So much going on, so many things working hard to steal our attention, rob…

Perspective Simugenics

3 Weeks of Experimental


UPDATE September 2020: We spent a wonderful first week with the HUMAN project, which is now getting the final touches based on our interactions. It will be completed…

Music Song Saturdays

Moments from Now


I wanted to wait on this one because it’s so powerful, and the intention was to do a video. Still may, not sure yet. Regardless of my…

1 Minute Stories Perspective Simugenics

Simugenics Concept Art


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Since most of us are sitting here beside ourselves wondering what’s coming next, I thought I’d do something a bit different for you today.

Here are a few…

Music Song Saturdays

Truth Serum


Today I’d like to share one of the most popular bonuses to the Unraveled Distance First Take Guitar album from 2018, Truth Serum (Ocean Version).

I uploaded this video last…